HOUSE (5 min, 16mm, b/w, 2005/7)

The old dark house, where only fragments remain of a once animated domestic history. Crumbling interiors. Patterned stained, paper peeling walls and forgotten furniture. Dust sheets on rotting floorboards. Shattered windows. The unfolding process of abandonment, decay and renewal.
Searching this landscape for signs of half remembered narratives; obsessively making models to re-imagine the boarded up, gently decomposing remnants of a home.


Selected Exhibition:

Fasa Fiso – group show, Cermodern, Ankara, Turkey, Apr/May 2010
A World Rattled of Habit, Solo show, A Foundation, Liverpool, 2009
St Simon St Jude Gallery, Norwich, Aurora Festival 2006
Le Corbusier’s Maison Blanch, Le Chaux de Fonds – Switzerland, 2006
Basement Gallery (Solo Show) – Brighton, 2005
Ways of Worldmaking (with Jeremy Butler) Permanent Gallery – Brighton, 2005
Mayflies – touring show - Showroom, Sheffield; Cornerhouse, Manchester; Star+Shadow, Newcastle, 2007
Views From the Avant-Garde, NY International Film Festival, 2007
The InsideOutside Show, Gallery 2, Chicago, Dec 2007 
Interational Film Festival Rotterdam, 2008
Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2008
Jeonju International Film Festival, 2008
Wexner Centre, Ohio, 2008
NYUFF, Anthology Film Archive, NY, 2008
Image Forum, Japan 2008
Courtisane, Ghent, 2008
Pesaro Film Festival, 2008
Punto da Vista, Pamplona, 2009
Tirana International Film Fetsival, 2009
Indielisboa, 2010

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