I know where I'm going

I Know Where I'm Going (29 min, 16mm anamorphic, col, 2009)

“What would be left of human action, human traces, human constructions, human buildings and wider ripple effects of humans after that length of time…assuming, that humans disappear in the geologically near future.”

A fragmented road trip through Britain on the peripheries. Down empty roads, off in the wilderness, a few lone stragglers. My first stop geologist Jan Zalasiewicz, talking about the Earth in One-hundred millions years time.


Selected Exhibition:

An Entangled Bank – Group show, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Oct-Dec 2009

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009 (as a work-in-progress)
Serpentine Cinema, London 2009
New York Film Festival 2009
Aurora Festival, Norwich 2009
Cinecity, Brighton 2009
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2010
Courtisane, Ghent 2010
Flatpack Festival, Birmingham 2010
Ann Arbor International Film Festival 2010 – Best Cinematography award
Images Festival, Toronto 2010
Indielisboa, Lisbon 2010
EMAF, Osnabruck 2010
Documenta Madrid 2010 – Honorable Mention of the Jury
Videoex, Zurich, 2010
Media City, Windsor, Ontario, 2010


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