phantoms of a libertine

Phantoms of a Libertine (2012, 10 min, 16mm, UK)  

Glamorous destinations are hand-scrawled in ink beside black and white photographs: Acapulco, Haifa, Marseille, New York. Fragments of fading figures are taped to the yellowing pages of the album. This was a life documented and remembered, but the man who made the album departed a year ago. Now his flat sits silent and heavy, crammed with animistic artefacts, books, collages of broken stone figures, collected and created over decades spent travelling the world for Time & Life Magazine. The photo albums are fragile and threaten to fall apart, the talismans are removed from their intended rituals, the dust is more dominant, more all-consuming, than the sense of a living present. Since the departure of its occupant, the flat has become a museum, rather than a mausoleum, a shrine to what has past.

Kate MacGarry Gallery - Apr/May 2012


Selected Screenings:

New York Film Festival
Milan Film Festival
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Oberhausen Short Film Festival
Ann Arbor Film Festival - Jury Prize
Hong Kong Film Festival
Crossroads, San Francisco
Hors Pistes, Pompidou Centre

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